Why is HCl the Best Creatine to Use? HCl Benefits Guide

Why is HCl the Best Creatine to Use? - CON-CRET Patented Creatine HCl

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Knowing that you need to take creatine to optimize your results from working out is a great first step, but understanding the impact of certain types of creatine is key. Creatine provides the body with numerous advantages, but the benefits of creatine HCl vastly outweighs its counterparts. Keep reading to see what sets creatine HCl apart from the rest.

First, What Is Creatine HCl?

The scientific name for creatine HCl is creatine hydrochloride – this simply defines the compound as having a hydrochloric acid molecule bonded to a creatine molecule. Due to its chemical makeup, creatine HCl is extremely soluble and stable, meaning it can dissolve easily and is less likely to create unfavorable reactions. Being more soluble means it’s more bioavailable to the body and therefore more creatine is able to be taken up and used by the cells of the body for better energy, endurance, and strength. All these factors combined make creatine HCl an excellent option for those who want to gain or maintain strength while also reaping various other health benefits of improved cellular function such as brain health, immune function, and sexual wellness.

How Is It Different Than the Others?

Creatine HCl has significantly fewer side effects than the other types of creatine – for example, it doesn't require its consumers to go through a loading phase. When taking creatine monohydrate, many people suggest a period called the loading phase where the user is trying to saturate their muscles with creatine by taking a large amount each day for two to four weeks. Some say that the loading phase “wastes'' creatine until your body can embrace its effectiveness.

Most types of creatine are also hydrophilic, meaning that they attract water which causes bloating and weight gain while taking creatine. Another negative side effect that is reported with other creatine supplements is muscle cramps – many creatine consumers mention that they experience it. You can also try our Creatine Gummies if you prefer a different way to take it!

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What Are the Specific Benefits of Creatine HCl?

Unlike other forms, creatine HCl’s solubility helps the supplement dissolve into water quicker which means it can be taken up in the bloodstream and into your cells and muscles easier. The improved solubility and absorption rate allow individuals to consume a lower effective dose. While other types of creatine cause bloating and weight gain, creatine HCl lowers the chances of experiencing those side effects due to the lower recommended dosage. 

CON-CRĒT® patented creatine HCl is the #1 bioavailable creatine with 59 times greater solubility than other creatine supplements. In addition, plasma uptake (bloodstream levels) are reported to be 70% more with CON-CRĒT® when compared with other creatine supplements. In addition, the benefits of taking CON-CRĒT® are evident within the first one to three workouts. Usually, someone trying CON-CRĒT® who does a strenuous workout will either not experience soreness after the workout (DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness), or at least far less than normal. Creatine feeds the muscles for not only optimal performance and energy, but also optimal recovery.

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Why Choose HCl Over Others? 

It’s safe to say that over the last 10 years, the market has determined the advantages of creatine Hcl outweigh the benefits of other types of creatine.

Creatine HCl can sometimes be a more expensive supplement. However, when you calculate the cost per serving, and consider how little you use versus other types of creatine, it is typically much less expensive in the long-run.

Are You Ready to Start Seeing Gains?

Like all workout regimes, no results will last if you’re unwilling to keep up the work. The benefits you’ll receive from creatine HCl are paired best with motivation and drive. Whether you’re getting started, changing things up, or just reading more on the effectiveness of creatine supplements, now you’ll be able to make educated decisions on what benefits your body the most. 

CON-CRĒT® creatine HCl supplements are much more cost effective, especially when you consider how little of a serving is required compared to other creatine supplements on the market. It is the first creatine of its kind and it revolutionized the creatine product category. It is the only creatine supplement that allows effective Micro-dosing® so consumers can get the natural benefits of creatine but avoid the unpleasant side effects of less efficient forms. It is also #1 for the most soluble and bioavailable creatine on the market. We pride ourselves on offering a product that is not only effective but also makes you feel like the best you possible. Visit our website to browse our selection and see the benefits that CON-CRĒT® has to offer you! 

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