CON-CRĒT® is solidly rooted in rigorous science and a dedication to quality.
CON-CRĒT’s parent company, Vireo Systems (Vireo is a Latin word for health and vigor), was formed in the culture of pharmaceutical science and forensic toxicology, where the highest standards of research, certifications, and scrutiny are required. Those standards have been the driving force behind our innovation, and are the bedrock of our reputation as one of the most trusted brands on the market.

Mark Faulkner, Vireo System’s founder and CEO, had heard the need from elite athletes during his time in forensic toxicology (specifically PED testing) that they needed something safe, legal, and effective to help them perform optimally and provide strength, endurance, and energy to their cells. So Vireo was formed in 2002 with university-based scientists studying and testing amino acid conjugations to fill this need. On January 23, 2003, Vireo made a fortuitous acid catalyst miscalculation on an amino acids batch which resulted in the formation of the molecule that would become CON-CRĒT and address this need for better cellular energy.

After that batch miscue, Vireo identified the molecule as creatine hydrochloride (C-HCl) and began studying its properties that have proven to provide greatly improved stability, solubility, and bioavailability. One evening, Vireo founder Mark Faulkner was pondering just how unique C-HCl was, and thought “compared to other creatines, this molecule seems very special…it is a specially conjugated creatine…its characteristics are like a concentrated creatine…CONcentrated CREATine…hmmm, CON-CRĒT.”

Now CON-CRĒT is the #1 Specialty Creatine in the world and we continue to study not only the benefits of our CON-CRĒT® concentrated creatine for fitness, but also the amazing general health and wellness benefits of creatine and how it improves immune health, brain health, heart health, and sexual wellness.

Continuing our dedication to innovation and quality, Vireo has invested in a domestic manufacturing facility and now starting in January, 2023 CON-CRĒT will be made in the first ever creatine plant in the United States. Located in Plattsmouth, Nebraska, our partner Vireo Resources is set to produce the only American made creatine.

    • The most effective and bioavailable form of creatine, over 59x more soluble than creatine monohydrate

    A naturally flavored and sweetened stimulant-free supplement that is stackable with any workout supplement


    Made in the USA at our SQF/GMP facility