CON-CRĒT®'s Patent for Combating COVID and Influenza A

CON-CRĒT®'s Patent for Combating COVID and Influenza A

From Sports Supplements to Public Health Innovation

Since day one, CON-CRĒT® has been a leader in innovation in the realm of sports supplements. Recently however, CON-CRĒT® has broadened its impact and surpassed a significant milestone in public health innovation. As of October 2023, CON-CRĒT® was awarded a patent for groundbreaking research involving creatine and COVID. This research shed light on creatine's role in boosting the immune system and combating both COVID and Influenza A.

The Research Behind CON-CRĒT®'s Patent

CON-CRĒT® conducted rigorous studies that demonstrated the immune-boosting properties of creatine. In these studies, creatine demonstrated a consistent activation of T-cells. T-cells are our body's primary defense against germs and disease. This research eluded that creatine may play a pivotal role in enhancing the body's ability to fend off illness.


Image of a T-cell through a microscope.


Understanding Creatine's Role

Creatine is well known for its ability to improve athletic performance and muscle recovery. Creatine is a naturally occurring compound found in various foods and synthesized within the body. It has traditionally been used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to boost their performance. However, it's now being explored for its potential to promote overall health and wellness.

The Connection to COVID-19 and Influenza A

CON-CRĒT's research revealed intriguing insights about creatine and the flu. Further, it shed light on how creatine can help combat COVID-19. The link between creatine and immunity centers on the idea that creatine may enhance the body's immune response. This makes it more effective at recognizing and fighting off viral threats.

Implications for Public Health

The patent awarded to CON-CRĒT® has wide-reaching implications for public health. It highlights the importance of ongoing research into the wide range of potential benefits of creatine supplementation. This research is important for both athletes and individuals looking to armor their immune systems.

While it's still early in our understanding of creatine's role in immunity, these findings could pave the way for the development of creatine-based treatments or supplements that may support the body's natural defense mechanisms.

Limitations and Further Research

It's crucial to recognize that the creatine research conducted by CON-CRĒT® represents a significant step forward, but it's not the final word on the matter. The scientific community will need to conduct further studies to replicate and validate these findings. Research is an ongoing process, and our understanding of the role of creatine in immunity will likely evolve.


CON-CRĒT®'s patent for its research into the immune-boosting potential of creatine is a remarkable development with promising implications. It highlights the brand's commitment to exploring the full range of benefits that creatine supplementation may offer. As the research community delves deeper into this area, we can anticipate more insights into how creatine can contribute to our overall health and wellness.

This creatine patent serves as a testament to CON-CRĒT®'s science-backed efforts in making supplements that truly improve lives. Further, it highlights the broader implications of creatine in maintaining optimal wellness in every-body. The journey toward a comprehensive understanding of creatine's role in immunity is ongoing, and we look forward to seeing where it leads.


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