The Connection: Gratitude, Wellness, & Creatine

The Surprising Connection Between Gratitude, Wellness, & Creatine - CON-CRET Patented Creatine HCl


Many of us are constantly striving for better health and wellness. Two words that we don't often associate with health and wellness are "gratitude" and "creatine." As we take a closer look into these seemingly unrelated concepts, we'll uncover a surprising connection that can lead to a happier and healthier life.

Additionally, we'll look into two personal accounts and uncover how creatine, wellness, and gratitude have played such a strong role in their lives.

The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is a concept that transcends cultural boundaries and has been a part of human societies for centuries. It's the practice of acknowledging and appreciating the good things in life, no matter how big or small they may be. And while gratitude is deeply rooted in our emotional and psychological well-being, its impact on our overall wellness is uniquely profound.

When we take a moment to reflect on the things we are grateful for, it triggers a cascade of positive emotions. These emotions, in turn, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and boost overall mental and emotional wellness. Gratitude is like a mental superfood—it nourishes our mind and spirit. It provides us with the mental clarity to tackle life's challenges and seize opportunities.

Wellness and Its Many Facets

Wellness is not just about being physically healthy. It affects our physical, mental, and even spiritual well-being. These dimensions are interconnected, and a deficiency in one area can impact the others. The concept of wellness is a holistic approach to health, acknowledging that true well-being is more than just the absence of illness - it's about living a balanced and fulfilling life.

The Role of Creatine in Wellness

Creatine is a naturally occurring compound found in our muscles. Creatine provides cellular energy to every cell in our body! While creatine has long been used to enhance physical performance, its benefits are now being recognized outside of gym applications.

Evidence supports that creatine positively impacts our bodies in numerous ways outside of its muscle-health benefits. Creatine has shown to have profound effects on cognitive health, immune support, heart health, and even sexual wellness. Creatine is arguably the most important supplement in maintaining or achieving total body wellness. This is due to it's effects on both our physical and mental wellness.

Real stories of Gratitude

So, where does the surprising connection between gratitude and creatine come into play? Take a look for yourself as we examine two real customers and their personal wellness testimonies.

Collage Student: Journey to Fitness Fanatic

Hunter Hawes has been taking CON-CRĒT® for two years now. However, his fitness journey began after graduating college. He explained, "I was upwards of 200 lbs and felt like I was living with a weighted vest on. I struggled with weight in college, never really able to make it over the hump into what I considered 'fit'".

Hunter's wellness journey was filled with trials and tribulations, but CON-CRĒT made all the difference. Hunter explained, "When I discovered CON-CRĒT I noticed the a significant boost of energy in the gym. Ever since, I haven’t looked back. There has been times where I either forgot to take CON-CRĒT, or ran out, and the difference was distinct! That was true whether I was lifting weights, or doing cardio. My energy levels just didn’t feel the same".

Hunter described how CON-CRĒT Creatine's addition to his wellness routine opened feelings of gratitude saying, "This newfound fitness journey has opened up parts of my life that I didn’t even know were possible before. I feel like a new man. There's no question my fitness journey has sparked feelings of gratitude for my health, and CON-CRĒT helped me get there".


Picture of Hunter after his fitness journey with a 6 pack.


MS Warrior: Finding Gratitude in Adversity

Angie Gessler was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2004. Describing her journey as difficult would be a massive understatement. However, Angie has found peace and healing in physical fitness and an active lifestyle.

Angie touched on how gratitude has played such a strong role in her story saying, "This blog speaks to my heart. I truly believe gratitude, mindfulness, consistency with nutrition, fitness, along with my daily foundation since 2019, CON-CRĒT creatine has carried me forward to this very moment".

Not only is Angie grateful for her story, she actively finds the time to practice gratitude every day. Angie stated, "I start my day with morning prayer, meditation, breathwork, and listening to the waves and wildlife chatter as they welcome in the day".

Angie is a true inspiration to people in all walks of their wellness journey. She is a reminder that finding thanks and grace in times of hardship can be tremendously beneficial and lead to positive outcomes in your life.


Picture of Angie.


Practicing Gratitude for Wellness

To harness the power of gratitude for your wellness journey, consider taking a page out of Angie's book. Incorporating daily gratitude practices into your life can be extremely fulfilling and have amazing effects on your physical, mental, and spiritual health. It could be as simple as keeping a gratitude journal, where you jot down three things you're grateful for every day. By doing this consistently, you can rewire your brain to focus on the positive aspects of your life, leading to a happier and less stressed you.

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