Give The Gift of Wellness This Christmas with CON-CRĒT®

Give The Gift of Wellness This Christmas with CON-CRĒT®


As the week before Christmas approaches, you're probably doing one of two things. Maybe you've been on top of your game and you're relaxing knowing you've done all of your Christmas shopping. Or, maybe you're like most of us and you're scrambling around trying to squeeze in your last minute gift shopping for your loved ones. Whichever group you find yourself in, it's likely that you haven't considered CON-CRĒT® as a Christmas gift for your loved ones.

In this article, we'll discuss how the gift of wellness is the most important gift someone could receive and how CON-CRĒT® can help them get there.

The Importance of Gifting Wellness

For many of us, our Christmas stockings consist of chocolates, sweets, and maybe the occasional apple. Christmas is usually not synonymous with words like health, nutrition, and wellness. However, what better gift than that of wellness for your loved ones this holiday season? Wellness is arguably the most important gift we can have, and unfortunately, it's something that we oftentimes take for granted.

Your health impacts all areas of your life, and without it, it's easy for your life to fall into shambles. Wellness is the gift that keep on giving, and gifting your loves ones with creatine ensures their gift of wellness is received. Creatine is the most important supplement for those you value most this Christmas. Unlike many typical Christmas presents, CON-CRĒT® Creatine HCl offers real, long-term benefits that can improve the lives of those you care for most.


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Creatine - The Optimal Gift for Wellness

You're might be wondering, how can creatine possibly be such an important gift for my loved ones this Christmas? The answer lies in the unique, vast array of benefits it provides.

Decades of research has shown that creatine is quite possibly the most important supplement for overall health. For years, creatine has been seen as the go-to supplement for bodybuilders and gym rats. While creatine has undoubtedly been known for its muscle-building effects, its other fascinating benefits have been overlooked.

Modern research points to the extraordinary versatility of the vital supplement we call creatine. Research shows that creatine can help regulate mood, enhance focus and memory, strengthen your immune system, and even improve heart health. Creatine's superpower is its ability to provide energy to every cell in your body. Because of this, creatine has astounding positive effects on both physical and mental health.


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CON-CRĒT® - The Gift of Choice

Close to a dozen different types of creatine exist on the market today, so what exactly makes CON-CRĒT® the gift of choice?

CON-CRĒT® is the original creatine HCl (creatine hydrochloride). Creatine HCl is 7 times more concentrated than traditional creatine, known as creatine monohydrate. This means that with CON-CRĒT®, you need less of it to get the same benefits as other forms of creatine. At CON-CRĒT®, we call this process Micro-Dosing®.

The typical dosing for creatine monohydrate is 3-5g. This enormous dosing size is the cause of the unwanted side effects that many monohydrate users experience. These side effects include bloating, water retention, G.I. distress, and cramping. CON-CRĒT® is 59 times more soluble so you only take .75g to see the same results as traditional creatine.

Aside from the functional difference in creatine HCl, CON-CRĒT® is the only commercial creatine manufactured in the U.S.A. Most of the world's creatine is made in China where there are little to no quality checks. We make our products in a NSF and Safe Quality Foods certified facility, right here on home soil. Our unwavering commitment to quality reinforces the fact that you're receiving the highest quality creatine in the world.


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Finding the Perfect Stocking Stuffer

CON-CRĒT® offers a wide array of amazing products - each of them formulated with our USA made creatine HCl. All our products will ensure you can give the gift of wellness this Christmas.

1). CON-CRĒT® Gummies

Our creatine gummies are a great fit for those who value convenience, taste, and are always on-the-go. Just 3 of our Berry Zing gummies provide a full dose of creatine HCl and all the benefits it provides. With how good our gummies taste, it's hard to believe that they contain no artificial colors or flavors.

2). CON-CRĒT® Powder

Creatine powder has been a staple of our brand since our origins in 2008. We have a wide range of delicious flavors such as Lemon Lime, Pineapple, Raspberry, Fruit Punch, an Hibiscus. We also offer Unflavored powder for our smoothie warriors out there! One .75g scoop delivers a full serving of creatine HCl and dissolves instantly in your drink of choice.

3). CON-CRĒT® Capsules

CON-CRĒT® Capsules are arguably the most convenient, straightforward delivery system we have to offer. These are great for someone that wants to receive the benefits of creatine HCl without the hassle of mixing or chewing. Most creatine monohydrate capsules require 4-5 capsules to reach a full dose. However, just 1 CON-CRĒT® capsule in the morning provides all the powerful perks that creatine has to offer.

4). CON-CRĒT® +

Our CON-CRĒT® + products provide the advantages of creatine with the added benefits of other healthy ingredients. These products are great for people who want to target specific health goals. Whether it's running, lifting heavier and recovering faster, or staying hydrated throughout your day, CON-CRĒT® + has you covered.


Mental and physical health are some of the most significant blessings we have. When nurtured and cared for, our lives change for the better. We strengthen our personal relationships, we increase our self confidence, and we live a more fulfilled and satisfied life. CON-CRĒT® directly contributes to the fulfilment of your personal wellness and all the benefits that come along with it.

Bless your loved ones with the gift of wellness this Christmas. Integrate CON-CRĒT® into your Christmas gifts this season. Use the code GIFT15 for 15% off your order this Christmas.

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