Grand Opening of the First U.S. Creatine Manufacturing Plant

Grand Opening of the First U.S. Creatine Manufacturing Plant - CON-CRET Patented Creatine HCl

Today marks a milestone in the world of health and wellness as Vireo Systems, the parent company of CON-CRĒT, announces the grand opening of the first creatine and amino acid manufacturing plant in the United States! Located in Plattsmouth, Nebraska, this state-of-the-art facility will revolutionize the way creatine is made, providing domestically sourced raw materials for the growing distribution of creatine supplements. 

The plant is designed to maximize efficiency and safety, while utilizing the latest technology in the production of creatine. The grand opening marks an exciting new chapter in the industry and is a testament to the commitment of Vireo Systems to providing the highest quality products to consumers.

The CON-CRET team standing together at the grand opening of their new manufacturing plant.

Unlock the Power of Creatine

Creatine is an essential amino acid-based molecule that helps optimize energy levels in cells, allowing them to function at their peak performance. As humans, it’s important to supplement with creatine to help maintain these performance levels. Fortunately, CON-CRĒT is now the #1 most widely licensed and best-selling bioavailable creatine on the market, and with the grand opening of the new manufacturing plant, it’s becoming more accessible than ever before. 

CON-CRĒT is the best way to optimize and increase your body's much-needed creatine supply and provide improved energy, immune health, and brain functions. Take advantage of the available resources, and transform your life with the power of creatine.

A manufacturing plant where CON-CRET creatine is made.

Investment in US Manufacturing and Improved Sustainability

Vireo Systems and CON-CRĒT are so passionate about making the benefits of creatine widely available that they’ve invested $16.6 million into creating the plant, bolstering the local economy with 124 new jobs in the construction industry and 72 new jobs in the community thanks to the increased economic activity. Once the plant ramps up to full production, an estimated 200 jobs will be created and it is expected to generate a total of $174 million each year. 

Vireo Systems' investment in a domestic creatine manufacturing plant also helps improve supply chain and sustainability efforts, reducing overseas shipping fuel and eliminating excess packaging. This state-of-the-art facility is the first and only of its kind in the United States, providing domestically sourced raw materials in a secure, efficient, and sustainable way for the growing distribution of creatine supplements in the United States.

A domestic manufacturing plant for creatine supplements.

Vireo Systems Teams Up with Walmart

Walmart has taken a leadership role in bringing high quality creatine to the market to make sure everyone can experience its many benefits. According to Silvia Azrai Kawa, Senior Vice President, Consumables Health & Wellness at Walmart, “Walmart is proud to work with Vireo Systems as they are committed to investing in the U.S. manufacturing industry with excellent products that will have a big impact. This new facility will employ skilled American manufacturing workers in the Omaha region, and these jobs will apply American ingenuity and vision to products that help Walmart customers save money and live better.” The company proudly works with Vireo Systems to make CON-CRĒT supplements more accessible for everyone – and CON-CRĒT can now be found in Walmart stores nationwide. 

Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen also expressed his enthusiasm for Vireo’s investment in Cass County, saying, “The fact that Nebraska is now home to a business that is producing its product within the United States bodes well for opportunities like this in the future.” This grand opening marks the next step in expansion for Vireo Systems and deepens their commitment and investment in American business.

Vireo Systems is committed to providing innovative and science-backed products for optimal health and wellness, and the grand opening of the first U.S. creatine and amino acids plant is a giant leap in the right direction. With domestically made creatine, Vireo Systems and CON-CRĒT are contributing to a healthier and better future for everyone. Check out what the world’s #1 bioavailable creatine can do for you!

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